Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lets Raise a Little Awareness Today

So, this year will be my second year in doing the Relay for Life OKC. It is such an amazing thing to be a part of and also a lot of fun, with a lot of walking. I know, you're thinking that's way too tiring for me to do...walking ALL NIGHT LONG! You would truly be amazed, when you know you are doing something for such an amazing cause! Yes, by the end your feet hurt and you are worn out from being up all night long, but you are making such a difference. I actually believe its tougher then running a 5K because by then end of the night you have walked much further and for a lot longer.

There is such an amazing sense of community and friendship and fighting for something so amazing, more birthdays and no more cancer. CANCER SUCKS!!

Everyone on my team and at the relay has their own reasons for walking. It me be for a friend, family member, or even themselves. I walk for my Papa & Uncle who are both still fighting and my Grandmother who is no longer with us but beat her cancer TWICE! They are all truly amazing people.

So I challenge you readers out there to get up and take a stand. Make a donation to our team or join our team or another Relay in your area! Everyone is touched by cancer in some way unfortunately, so do this to help the fight!