Monday, June 27, 2011

Old Hardware Gets a New Life

These are some antique pulls I have off 
 an old antique dresser and lingerie cabinet that belonged to my Great Grandmother. I have been working a long time fixing it up and refinishing everything. These pulls are off the main dresser. The one on the right is one in its original state and the one to the left is after I removed the paint. I used a Paint Stripper to take off the paint. When using this, be sure to wear thick rubber gloves. The chemicals can absorb into your skin and make you very sick.

Here is a better picture for you. After I removed the paint I cleaned off the pulls with toothpaste. This is an easy and inexpensive way to clean hardware and jewelry both since you already have it in your home. I used an old toothbrush that I keep around since it gets into these little grooves great. This got off a lot of the grime but still doesn't get them really shiny since they have been badly neglected for years. Most items, this will shine them right up. Also, you can use white vinegar but I prefer the toothpaste myself.

 To get the pulls to really shine up, use a product called Brasso. This is made to clean brass and remove tarnish. Now these pulls aren't solid brass, they are actually a die cast metal with brass plating so always be aware of what you are working with and test any chemicals on the back of your object to make sure that there isn't any kind of chemical reaction. To use the Brasso you will put the product onto your object and buff out with a rag. I recommend using an old one because the dirt that is removed while buffing out can ruin your rag.  Now you can leave them like this if you'd like, just their original state.
 Now I went further since I am not a brass fan. Here I painted the pull with a Turquoise acrylic paint. I prefer Folk Art but you choose your poison and which ever color suits your mood. Make sure to cover the pull well but don't let the paint glob up in your details because that's how you get how these originally looked. Also, Make sure to paint the backs where the pull will stick off your cabinet or furniture piece. Let dry. Acrylic dries fast so you won't have to wait long. You can use other types of paint as well but your drying time will be longer.

I then used Rub'nBuff Wax Metallic finish in Silver Leaf (this product comes in several finishes). You can find this in some craft stores, I just order mine off of It is inexpensive and shows up at your door in a few days time. Now when using this, you only need a tiny tab on your finger tip and then just gently rub across the pull. If you apply too much at a time you will lose the effect of the color coming through. You can completely cover the item with the rub in buff to give a metallic finish. The product dries practically instantly, then just buff it a little to give more of a sheen. Now to remove product from your hands, you can usually just use warm soap and water but if you need something a little stronger use mineral spirits.

Now you can also try using the Rub'nBuff straight onto the item without the paint. This lets the gold/brass color peek through behind the the silver. Another really great option if you want something that's a little more subtle then a bright pop of color. This also looks really great on the furniture.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Memories Can Never Be Stolen

So, I finally got my replacement class ring in. I had to get a know one since some ass decided to break into my house last December. My class ring and a microwave is all they got away with.  I mean I understand that you can get money for the gold but really, you're only going to get like $50.... All you did was still a symbol of my college years. The President of the college gave me that ring personally. Not that you could care about that, I am sure you don't understand the value of school or the memories that I made there. Anyways, I guess I have this new one, although it is not the original. You didn't still my memories or my degree earned there. So I hope you got your $50 for the gold in my ring you scumbag.
Don't mind the dog hair in this pic. Isn't it sooo pretty? I love it, although its a little different than my original one.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

So I love playing with new hairstyles! Today for work I was just browsing around on the internet and came across my inspiration pic for the day...
My Inspiration!!
 I did a bit of a twist on this (mainly since I have more hair then the lovely Nicole Rishie did in this pic). I basically just teased my hair around the crown of my head, braided a few pieces, and then just grabbed random pieces and began bobby pinning them in random spots.
Here is what I came up with...

Sorry...hard to take a good pic of the back of your own hair...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It Takes Someone Special to be a Dad...or a Papa

Went outta town these last few days to spend time with my Papa (my mom's dad) for Father's Day. Yes, of course my dad came along too. It was a great weekend, full of water park, mountains, family and food of course!

Here is my Papa's gift from my mom!
You see, he has an OU jersey with all the Heisman trophy winners from OU's signatures (except Sam Bradford...he hadn't won yet). He went one day and stood in line for HOURS to get his signature added to the jersey but Sam left before he ever got the chance. My mom bought him this signed Ram's Jersey knowing how much/hard he tried to get it. It is now hanging over his bed!!

Here is my dad's not an actual photograph, I didn't think to take one. He really needed a new TV for his bedroom! (No great story to insert about a new TV)
"A father is always making his baby into a little woman. And when she is a woman he turns her back again." -- Enid Bagnold

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Times 50

     So for my amazing Dad's 50th Bday my mom decided to surprise him with a little trip down to Lake Murray, OK (it's down by Ardmore for those of you who haven't been).  We rented a little cabin (which was actually pretty nice for only $80/night) equipped with bed, couch w/ a pull out and a full kitchen.

     Day. 1: We arrived and had to wait for probably 2 hours at least for our cabin to be ready. In the meantime, we walked down to the lake to check out what all there was to do. After our room was ready we unloaded all of our stuff and headed into Ardmore to get some eat and get some food the weekend. We ate a Budro's Rib Joint since it was in this little "Places to Eat in OK" magazine. I will say, not at the top of my restaurant recomendations. I am sure their ribs that were talked about in the mag were good but my steak *gag*. Then, after we loaded down with groceries we headed back to the cabin. We then went on a little sunset cruise around the lake. I will say it was a good way to see all the little areas without taking the obnoxious drive around the lake and into every little turn off to see the sites. All and all a good day.

     Day 2: We went and ate breakfast at the lodge, you can ask my mom how good that was. Then we headed out to Tucker Tower. Built for the Gov. of OK at the time's vacation spot (who then never spent a night there). It gave a great view of the lake and was fun to take silly pictures of one another (at least to me and my mom). The so-called "artifacts" inside the tower I could've done without. I am not sure about you, but I do not consider random animal skulls artifacts. The tools used to build the tower were interesting but they told you absolutely nothing about them. Then we headed back to the lodge to rent a speed boat. This was definitely the highlight of all trip for us all. Just speeding around the lake jumping our own wake and wind in our hair. We then went to the spillway and just floated around, until a little girl decided to take a dump in the water and I was grossed out beyond belief and ran out. We spent the rest of the evening cooking out and sitting by our campfire. We also played my dad's new invented game of taking pics of the fire and saying what we saw in the flames. Marshmallows were an A+

     Day 3: We loaded back down our truck and headed towards home. We stopped in Sulphur, OK on our way to check out the Chickasaw Cultural Center. There were interesting things to see but not very invigorating to me. Then, we went to check out the Sulphur Springs. We had fun splashing around and being goofy and checking out one of the locals being questioned by a police officer while another stood by armed and ready (definitely a high point in my day, but I'm just easily amused).

     All in all, it will be a trip we all remember. Even with some bad food here, waiting for our cabin there, we had a blast. It is always good to spend some time with the family, even if it only is an hour and a half away from home...

Friday, June 17, 2011

A Day In The Life of a Dog

These are the true loves of my life.
My Shy-Shy
And Miss Mischa. 
 We went for a long walk today...yes in 100 degree whether. It is good to get out and move though, and also to sweat a little. It is good for the body and soul. I mean how else am I going to burn all these marshmallows I keep stuffing into my face.
 Anyways, these girls love to get out and about. They don't get to everyday. Plus its good for me because it wear them out. Although tongiht I don't think I walked them far enough because they are still being their loud, obnoxious selves. They love to play together and they are LOUD when they do, especially my Shyla.
But at the end of the day, I love these little suckers. No matter how much they annoy me by making me continue to get up from my couch to let them outside, and back inside and so on and so on.....
Till next time.

Black and White and covered in fur!

Manda Panda is my nickname!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Let's Go

So here goes my first post as a new blogger. I want to use this as a way for people to get to know me a little better. Whether it people that I already know and want to stay connected or for those who don't really know me. I will share things that I love or am interested in or just things that I feel like sharing with the world.

I have a passion for life and believe that everyone should. I love being able to share my thoughts and views with people and hearing theirs in a healthy and productive way. I am not a judgmental person and am open to everyone out there and also to trying new things. I love to hear and learn about different cultures, religions and opinions on love and life. Sometimes I may not agree with you but don't take that as being shut off. We don't have to agree. If all agreed on everything you would have to admit this would be a pretty inscribing world. So I am here just to discuss my thoughts, views, interests and passions.