Saturday, June 25, 2011

Memories Can Never Be Stolen

So, I finally got my replacement class ring in. I had to get a know one since some ass decided to break into my house last December. My class ring and a microwave is all they got away with.  I mean I understand that you can get money for the gold but really, you're only going to get like $50.... All you did was still a symbol of my college years. The President of the college gave me that ring personally. Not that you could care about that, I am sure you don't understand the value of school or the memories that I made there. Anyways, I guess I have this new one, although it is not the original. You didn't still my memories or my degree earned there. So I hope you got your $50 for the gold in my ring you scumbag.
Don't mind the dog hair in this pic. Isn't it sooo pretty? I love it, although its a little different than my original one.

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