Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Times 50

     So for my amazing Dad's 50th Bday my mom decided to surprise him with a little trip down to Lake Murray, OK (it's down by Ardmore for those of you who haven't been).  We rented a little cabin (which was actually pretty nice for only $80/night) equipped with bed, couch w/ a pull out and a full kitchen.

     Day. 1: We arrived and had to wait for probably 2 hours at least for our cabin to be ready. In the meantime, we walked down to the lake to check out what all there was to do. After our room was ready we unloaded all of our stuff and headed into Ardmore to get some eat and get some food the weekend. We ate a Budro's Rib Joint since it was in this little "Places to Eat in OK" magazine. I will say, not at the top of my restaurant recomendations. I am sure their ribs that were talked about in the mag were good but my steak *gag*. Then, after we loaded down with groceries we headed back to the cabin. We then went on a little sunset cruise around the lake. I will say it was a good way to see all the little areas without taking the obnoxious drive around the lake and into every little turn off to see the sites. All and all a good day.

     Day 2: We went and ate breakfast at the lodge, you can ask my mom how good that was. Then we headed out to Tucker Tower. Built for the Gov. of OK at the time's vacation spot (who then never spent a night there). It gave a great view of the lake and was fun to take silly pictures of one another (at least to me and my mom). The so-called "artifacts" inside the tower I could've done without. I am not sure about you, but I do not consider random animal skulls artifacts. The tools used to build the tower were interesting but they told you absolutely nothing about them. Then we headed back to the lodge to rent a speed boat. This was definitely the highlight of all trip for us all. Just speeding around the lake jumping our own wake and wind in our hair. We then went to the spillway and just floated around, until a little girl decided to take a dump in the water and I was grossed out beyond belief and ran out. We spent the rest of the evening cooking out and sitting by our campfire. We also played my dad's new invented game of taking pics of the fire and saying what we saw in the flames. Marshmallows were an A+

     Day 3: We loaded back down our truck and headed towards home. We stopped in Sulphur, OK on our way to check out the Chickasaw Cultural Center. There were interesting things to see but not very invigorating to me. Then, we went to check out the Sulphur Springs. We had fun splashing around and being goofy and checking out one of the locals being questioned by a police officer while another stood by armed and ready (definitely a high point in my day, but I'm just easily amused).

     All in all, it will be a trip we all remember. Even with some bad food here, waiting for our cabin there, we had a blast. It is always good to spend some time with the family, even if it only is an hour and a half away from home...

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