Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas with the Family

So, I am just laying here in my Aunts bed watching football. Christmas here is over, the food has been eaten (partially), and the presents for the night have all been opened. I'm sitting here thinking about people wanting more presents or wanting something else and I see my little cousin Josie running around taking pictures of everyone and I think, "this is what's most important." It's not important how much money we got or how many gifts we opened, all though we should all be thankful for the time and effort someone put into getting us them, but it's our family. You never know if it will be someone's last time to celebrate or see everyone.

I just ask that everyone on Christmas to tell at least one person that you love them and appreciate them. If you tell more that's amazing.

With all the health issues in my family right now, I realize how petty it is to be complaining about having to run errands we don't want to or that someone has said something that didn't set well with us. I'm so blessed that I still have my Nana and Papa here this Christmas and that I have all my family around me.

Now I'm out in my Aunts kitchen with my cousin on my lap and I think that this is the life that I want and love.

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