Monday, April 16, 2012

A Diaper Cake That Looks So Good You'll Wish It Was Real

So for my friends baby shower I took my first attempt at creating a diaper cake out of the gifts I bought. In my cake I have:

Diapers (I bought a 76 pack, you'll want a larger quantity if you want to make a larger cake)
4 pack of receiving blankets
A small stuffed plush
2 pack of caps
5 pack of onsies
2 pack of pacifiers
Rubber bands
Foam core board
For the "candles":
Scrap booking letters

The first step is to roll your diapers and wrap a rubber band around them. After a few tries, I found it was easier to roll about five (1 for the center and 4 on either side) then wrap a rubber ban around. I had about 8 on the top tier, about 24 on the middle, and about 45 on the bottom. I put 2 rubber bands around each tier and spaced them out so they looked more even. Otherwise, it was really tight in the center and flared out on the top and bottom.

For the base I used a foam core board. It's best to find something the size you want and trace it. I had a drum shade that was the perfect size that I traced the inside. I them used one of the receiving blankets to cover and used dissecting pins on the bottom side to hold the blanket in place.

Around each tier I folded the blanket to the height of the diapers and wrapped around and held them together with paper clips. (The bottom tier the blanket was a little small so hopefully no one peak around the back.) You can also add ribbon around the tiers or use in place of the blankets.

Now you can stack your tiers and decorate. I used the onesies as a topper by rolling them so the little embroidery part was in front and stuck them down into the diapers. Be careful not to rip any of the diapers when sticking them down in. I placed my stuffed ladybug at the bottom but i have seen other cakes where they were hugging the top tier that was really adorable. The rest of the items I just draped around the cake. Feel free to let your creativity flow here.

For the candles, I cut out circles from scrap booking paper and stuck scrap booking letters on them to spell out the baby's name. For the sticks I used toothpicks and actually colored them pink with a sharpie but you can leave them plain if you'd like. Then I just stuck them in around the diapers. Once again, make sure you don't rip the diapers doing this.

Now you have an amazing diaper cake. You can do these in any color or even to match a theme!!


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