Saturday, December 3, 2011

An Ornamental Christmas...Tree That Is

So I decided to make a Christmas tree inspired by the Home Depot commercial. It is fairly simple just a little time consuming. I spaced it out and didn't do it all at once.

You will need:
Clear tacks if you're hanging it from the ceiling, (you'll need metal hooks if hanging it from a chandelier like in the commercial )
Ornaments ( you can use one color or several. I used 3 colors and all different patterns )
Clear Fishing line
Tape measure or yard stick

If you are using different colors or designs I suggest laying them out before hand to get the right pattern you want. They will be easy to move, but I'm sure you won't want to very many times. Once you have your pattern you'll want to look at the space you are going to put these in and plan out how long you want each row and how far apart. Mine are 4" longer for each row and about an 1 1/2" wider for each.

Now you will tie your fishing line to your ornament top, you will need to tie the knot at least 2 or 3 times so that the knot will hold.

Once you've tied the knot, stick the excess down into the ornament so that you don't have a little tail.


Then measure out the length you want the ornament to hang. Now tie a knot around the tack. I like to tie the knot around the pin part so that once you hang it there's no chance of it sliding off. I tied the strings on all the ornaments for one row at a time. Make sure to cut off the excess string.

(If you are attaching it to a chandelier, just tie the string to the metal hooks and hook onto your chandelier.)

Now, attach the tack to the ceiling using the hammer. If you need to shorten or lengthen the string a tad, don't fret. To shorten, just pull the tack out a little, wrap the string around the tack and hammer back up. To lengthen, just hold the knotted parts and pull the string to stretch. Don't pull too hard though because the string can snap and you'll have to redo it.

Continue this for each row lengthening the string as you go. They are easy to move if you do mess up or need to adjust. I have a popcorn ceiling so you didn't notice the holes, although you may if you have a flat, finished ceiling.

To finish mine off, I used a red vase that I had from an antique store embellished with some bead garland as the "trunk". You can use almost anything or even put some presents underneath.

Just remember to have fun with it.

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