Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Corkboard Facelift

I decided to give an old corkboard I had laying around a little makeover.

I had all the items I needed laying around but if you have to go out and buy this project will probably cost you $30-$40 depending on the board and stencil you buy.
This started as a simple corkboard you can buy at Walmart or Target (or just about anywhere).
I think this one was a RoseArt. See....pretty plain jane.

Now, you will need to pick a design. Just go buy a stencil for whatever design you want.

Now, I made my own stencil by printing a houndstooth pattern on plain paper...

Laminate it

Then use an Xacto knife and cut out the pattern.

Then place your stencil (or homemade stencil) on your board...
(sometimes it can be difficult to slide it up under parts of the frame)

Then use your stencil brush and get to stencilling.


Once I was done I painted the frame and added a painted, wooden letter to the bottom corner.

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