Thursday, August 2, 2012

DIY Shrug

This is a fun way to revamp an old shirt that was destined for the trash or Goodwill and recreate it into something new and fun. The purple shirt was a gift from a friend that never quite fit right. I loved the color and the beading and really didn't want to give it away so this was a perfect solution. My other shirt was an inexpensive shirt from Walmart that always looked a little frumpy on.

I originally found this on Wobiso's blog.

What you are going to need is:
An old shirt  (Make sure that it fits you before you start. If it is pretty small, it will be too small when you are done.)
Ribbon  (Or whatever you want to use for the tie. You can even use the bottom of another shirt.)
Sewing Machine
Sewing Pins
Safety Pin  (This will be used to pull the ribbon through.)

Now, I will show you two styles, so choose one before you start cutting since they are a little different, the basic steps are the same.

Once you have chosen which look you want to do, it's time to get to work.

For this first look, I used a shirt that had some beading (obviously), so on This look, we will make one single cut straight up the center of the shirt. Only cut the front of the shirt, not the back.

Once you have made the cut, we are going to pin our hems for the ribbon to go up through. Now, the size of the hem will depend on the size of the ribbon you chose. You will want your hem to be the size of the ribbon you chose. I like to fold the fabric over twice before sewing.
(I forgot to take a picture of this step.)
First fold over the width of your ribbon, then fold again a little bigger this time. You will then pin your fabric using your sewing pins. Make sure to pin in the direction you will be sewing, you will want to be able to pull your pins out towards you as you're sewing, not reaching around through the machine.

Once you have pinned it, you can now sew your hems. Either choose a thread that will disappear or for a funkier look, choose a contrasting thread. Also, make sure to double stitch it on your ends to make sure that the thread doesn't pull out.

Now you can pull your ribbon through starting at the bottom of one side, up through the top and back down the other side. You will use the safety pin by pinning it to one end of the ribbon. (I like to put the ribbon on twice just to make sure it doesn't rib while pulling it through.) Then you will just inch the ribbon through the hem using the safety pin to help pull it through.

I used a leather on mine and tied it to where you can't see it at all but feel free to make a bow in the front.
And you have a finished product.

Here is the other way you can do this.

These steps are really the same you will just do a little more cutting to it. This one you will cut straight up the center like the first style but the you will cut along the collar cutting it out completely.

You will once again, make and pin your him to pull your ribbon through based off your ribbon size.
Sew it.
Then pull the ribbon through using the safety pin.
Once you're done, you can judge how much ribbon you want left for your bow.
This was done by cutting 4 different size circles out of fabric. (I used another old shirt that I turned the rest into rags.) Layer the 4 pieces (smallest on top) and then use a button or small detail for the center. So them onto your shirt.
(If your making as a hair accessory, sow them together and then add a hair clip or sew onto a headband. I like to add them onto a clip because you can always clip them on a headband if you want them on there.)

I hope you have enjoyed this little DIY.
I added a little detail on the shoulder of this on (also a great hair accessory).

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