Sunday, April 22, 2012

Another Amazing Woman Gone

So recently I wrote a blog about my amazing Nana's passing. It's been a little over 3 months. Well, early Thursday morning we lost another amzing persn in our lives.

My Grandmother. Wanda Jean Fietz.

She left us at about 5 AM that morning. This was so sudden for us. She had been taken to the hospitalbfor nausea and weakness and turns out she had had a heart attack. No one knew. She had had no pain at all. But this just shows you how strong of a woman she was. She even knew that she woukd be leaving us and going to join the Lord. She had a Guardian Angel she had told us about on many occassions. I believe she had told her she would be leaving us and making sure she got to see as much of her family as she could and saying goodbye to her friend.

She was amazing in that aspect. I always loved her stories of incidences of her Angel or other stories of her life. Even though I'd heard them many times, I nevermind hearing them. My favorite was of when she was younger, she hadbeen in downtown OKC to do some kind of testing for the IRS and hr and a frind had gone to eat in an undergroun mall there when apipe had bursted. They had to run to escae the flooding water, when the escelators flattened out for emergency reasons ti avoid shock from the water. She told me of a man that helped to lift her and her friend up iut of the area. I loved that story, even though I'd heard it many times. I still have not visited this underground mall. We always talked of going together. I still plan to find it and witness the setting of one oof my favorite stories.

She was extremely devoted to her family. Never missed a dance recital, play, band concert, piano recital and more slif she could help it. She even travelled to see her son and daughter's families that lived a little further away as much as she could. No distance was too far in terms of her seeing her family and her grandkids.

She was truly just an all around amazing and brave person. She has faced so much adversity in her life but always remained the glue that heldbthe family together. She was a caretaker, a mother, a wife, a grandmother, and a friend. No one could ask to be more. She worked for H & R Block from the early 60's up until the day before her passing. She believed, and I do to, that it kept her mind strong and kept her going. She was never one to just want to sit alone. She loved to read and always encouraged m to read more. I strive to be like her. She was extremely intelligent and loved her family and was loved in return by more then her family, by all who met her.

You will be deeply missed Grandmother. I know you are happy with Judy, your mom, and Crayton again. Until we meet again someday, you will never leave my heart. I just ask that you always stay by my side and be MY Guardian Angel in life.

My brother Ricky, Grandmother, and Me
My OU Graduation 2009

Me & Grandmother Christmas 2009
My favorite picture with her

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