Monday, April 16, 2012

Flippy Floppies

I have been making these flip flops for years, since I played soccer. They are great for teams, fundraisers, gifts, or just for yourself.

You will need a set of flip flops. You can do a plain or patterned like I did.
The thinner the band across the foot the easier this will be. These particualr ones were a little thick.

Then you will need some fabrics. You can mix solids, use one pattern, or several like I did for this post.
I got these, 5 pieces of 18" x 21" pieces from Hobby Lobby for $9.99. Pretty much anywhere that sells fabrics will sell scrap pieces which are great for this, but don't feel bad to go pick some fabrics from a bolt.

First you will need to measeure the length you will want the fabric. You will want it to be a little longer then the sole, double it, & then add a little fo wrapping around the band.
Note: It's better to make them a little longer if you aren't sure. You can always cut them shorter but you can't make them longer.

Now you will need to cut them into strips. I suggest using zig zag sewing scissors. This keeps them from fraying (which will happen using just plain scissors). You will want to cut them 1"-1 1/2" thickness (your preference).

I made a kids size 12 in this post. Each flip used 20 strips, although it could've take 4-6 more. If you are making an adult size, you will need more strips.

You can also add some beads for a little pizzaz. (I will show you this later)
Pony beads are great for threading onto the fabric, but any kind of bead you can sew on.

Once you have cut them you are ready to put them on.

First.  Fold into a loop like so.

Second.  Place under the band.

Next.  Bring the ends over the band towards the loop.

Then.  Pull the ends through the loop and pull tight.

Make sure the knot part is on the top, flat part of the band. You may have to work it to get it where you want it. Like I said earlier, thicker bands are tougher.

Once you have added all your strips it will look like this.

Now for the pizzaz.
I wanted to spice these up with some beads. Now on this pair, I used pony beads that I threaded onto the fabric before pulling them through. Don't worry, if you forget to put them on, you can still add them. Just pull one end out of the knot, thread the bead, and pull back through the knot.

On the second pair, I had a similar bead but these had a much smaller hole. I just used some black thread and sewed them onto the fabric. Not difficult, just a little timely.

So, whether you are making them for yourself, or a gift, a whole soccer team or for a great fundraising idea...these are sure to please whoever is wearing them.

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